X ARCHON 3D Character Theme

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This page was updated on February 15th 2002
Read the full story on osarek.de.
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 Working status - bringing 3D to XARCHON
The light side            
knight archer valkyrie golem unicorn djinni phoenix wizard
The dark side            
goblin manticore banshee troll basilisk shapeshifter dragon sorceress
water fire air earth

Attention: Those files are experimental!!! I recommend that You look into the source code of the characters e.g. create_light_knight.zip especially janimate_light_knight before destroying anything! You are completely responsible for yourself when using this stuff. Be sure to have a backup before patching!!!

The download files can be used for creating the characters by using POV RAY and for patching ready made images into the XARCHON game - I tested it with version 0.50. This stuff doesn't use the capability of XARCHON to have more than one theme. I did this before but You had to compile it in rather than configuring it while the game is already compiled. I will return to that later.

I will explain it with the files for the light knight.

create_light_knight.zip povray files and shell script to animate (creates images to patch XARCHON). Needs a certain file structure, (./actors/light/knight/), povray and netpbm. Be sure to read the source code of janimate_light_knight ! ! !
patch_light_knight.zip unzip this into the actors/light/knight/ and weapons/light/sword/ directory on your computer to replace the old xarchon image files. On my computer the complete directoies are: /usr/local/share/xarchon/archon/actors/light/knight/ and
Attention: After that the original files are gone! So have a backup! This zip file already includes the directory structure. So if I have copied the file patch_light_knight.zip into the directory /usr/local/share/xarchon/archon/ and there I just type unzip patch_light_knight.zip it copies the files into the correct location.

Light knight patch_light_knight.zip 61kb
create_light_knight.zip 5kb
Light golem patch_light_golem.zip 245kb
create_light_golem.zip 6kb

If you are interested in joining me to build a 3D ARCHON character theme you are very welcome.
In that case please drop me an email to joerg@osarek.de.

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